Updated March 15, 2019 12:13:51 The new term has been announced for House of Representatives in Canberra, and it has the house of Representatives as its theme.

Key points:There are eight houses in the House of Representative, which has a population of just over 30,000peopleThe houses are in different parts of the Canberra area, from the northern suburbs to the south-westThe houses have a variety of different styles, from barbecues to lounge tablesThe two-room house in the centre of Canberra is called the Barbecue HouseIt is not known whether it has any barbecue facilities, but the house does feature an outdoor barbecue, and is known for having a variety to choose from.

House of Representatives is a political house of the Parliament, where members of the public vote on legislation.

The house is a powerful symbol of Canberra’s diverse culture, and its influence is felt throughout Australia.

In a bid to show how much people are involved in the political process, the new term includes a number of references to the local community, including in the opening address by Senator Larissa Waters, who said she wanted to take on the “tribal politics” of the old parliament.

“This is a place where people come together to make our cities vibrant, where we connect with each other and have fun,” she said.

“We all need a place to come and feel like we are a part of Canberra.”

“It’s an amazing place to be,” Ms Waters added.

The House of Reps is the country’s oldest and most powerful legislative body, established by the late Prime Minister Paul Keating in 1953.

Its current term runs until 2032.

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