Nice houses, yummy house and bath house are the five most popular choices for residents of the capital’s most expensive boroughs, according to a survey of more than 3,000 residents.

The survey also found that people were most likely to describe themselves as ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of their home.

The poll also revealed that people from the West Midlands were most pleased with their neighbourhood, followed by those from London’s South East.

The results of the poll were published on Monday, as Londoners prepare to celebrate the opening of the new Houses of Parliament.

The new Houses were completed in October and are expected to transform London from a city of skyscrapers to one of the world’s most affordable places to call home.

In the survey, residents rated their neighbours’ houses on a scale of 1 to 5 with one being ‘not at all’, 5 being ‘very happy’, and 10 being ‘excellent’.

In the West Yorkshire city of Sheffield, the best places to be in the capital were two flats at a five-star location in Eastburn, with two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The home was valued at £3.9m.

A similar home was found in the village of Mottram, where it was valued by the survey at £2.8m.

Other homes in the area were at a two-bedroom, two bathroom and two bedroom at a cost of £2,542, £1,839, and £1.2m respectively.

The second most popular option was a four-bedroom home in the South East, with a four bedroom, two bath and three bathroom at a price of £3,821, £3 to £4,500, and the cheapest was a two bedroom home at £1 per month, with an extra bedroom for £2 a month.

The most expensive house was in South West London, where a four room, two-bathroom home at a £1 million price was priced at £9,000.

The number of properties in London was also compared with the number of people who live there.

The research found that those living in London’s boroughs of Camden and Tower Hamlets were the most satisfied with the properties they owned, with 76 per cent of people saying they were very satisfied with their property.

Those living in Tower Hamlet’s Southwark, however, were the least satisfied with a property in their borough, with just over a quarter saying they had a good or very good property.

In Camden, 73 per cent were satisfied, with 63 per cent saying they would buy another property.

Camden was also the most popular choice for those living near to Heathrow Airport, with 82 per cent choosing to live close to the airport, followed closely by London boroughs like Haringey, Islington, Camden, and Lambeth.

There were also significant differences in the number who identified as ‘not in the know’ in relation to the most desirable areas.

People living in Camden and the Southwark boroughs were the only boroughs to report having no knowledge of the area they lived in.

People from Tower Hammersmith and Fulham, Camden and Islington were the next most ‘not-in-the-know’ with only a third of respondents reporting having no information.

‘The answer is out there’ Residents of Tower Hammesham and Fulford were also the least likely to have any knowledge of a local area in relation, with 43 per cent having no idea what the area was.

A third of residents who live in Camden said they didn’t have a clue about the area, while two-thirds said they did not know what the nearest major city was.

The study also found a link between housing prices and perceptions of social and economic diversity.

The researchers found that a lack of awareness of diversity was associated with higher levels of concern and a negative outlook on the quality and quantity of local services.

Residents of the South London borough of Hackney had the most negative views on diversity, with 57 per cent stating they were concerned about the quality, quantity and availability of local and regional services.

They were also more likely to feel a lack in social cohesion in their neighbourhood.

London’s ‘northern suburbs’ are home to some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Britain, with unemployment rates at high levels in Camden, Isabella, Southwark and Lambton.

‘We need to improve social mobility’ As part of the CityLab London Social Mobility series, The Lad is investigating how different parts of the country are affected by inequality.

The social mobility index is the percentage of people in the UK that are either economically disadvantaged or economically in need of support, with London’s lowest score of 7.5, which places it at the bottom of the scale.

In contrast, the highest social mobility score was recorded in the District of Columbia, with 17.9, and it is the second highest in the US, at 18.5.

In 2016, London had a higher social

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