A new Minecraft survival house design concept from the creators of the popular survival sandbox is being touted by the developers of a new online gaming service called the Splash House.

The company behind the service, Minecraft Home, has partnered with a Swedish company called Mihan, which specialises in “immersive, interactive, interactive living,” to design the Splash Home.

It will be offered in the UK and Ireland, and will feature a pool house and an outdoor terrace, according to Mojang.

Mojang will offer a variety of themes to choose from.

One theme will be “an amazing, customised Minecraft house designed to your specifications, but that’s not the whole story”.

Mojang has previously announced a Minecraft themed park in London, the Minecraft theme park in the US, and a Minecraft theme themed hotel.

Minecraft is a free-to-play digital role-playing game developed by Mojang that was released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009.

Mojangs game features include a Minecraft-themed town, a Minecraft world, a variety and a variety to choose.

Mojange says its Splash House is a game changer in the game industry.

“Our Splash House will allow Minecraft players to experience the world of Minecraft for themselves in a completely new way,” Mojang said in a statement.

The Splash House theme is a mix of Minecraft’s worlds, Minecraft’s characters and the theme of Minecraft.

The splash house will be accessible via the Splash Hub app, which Mojang says will allow players to connect with other Splash House owners and share their own homes.

The developers of the SplashHouse app have previously released an app called Minecraft Jungle, which allows players to play Minecraft in their own jungle and play other Minecraft games, including the “Minecraft Survival” game.

Minecraft has become a hugely popular game with millions of players worldwide, and it’s become a popular theme for Minecraft games.

Minecraft fans are often seen with their friends in the SplashHouses and sharing the Minecraft experience.

“Minecraft is a world built by fans and not the world designed by developers.

It’s our hope that this will be a new way to experience Minecraft, and the world in general, and bring the fun and excitement of Minecraft to all players,” Mojange said in the statement.

Minecraft Home will be available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Mojango also plans to launch a Minecraft app store in the next few months, which will include a range of Minecraft games and accessories.

Mojanger has also partnered with Sony and Microsoft to launch the Minecraft app, Mojang added.

Mojong said that the Splash house is “the first time in the history of Minecraft that we have designed a Minecraft house in a living room environment”, and said that “many people will enjoy playing in their Splash House in their favourite Minecraft world”.

Mojange is offering its Splash house for free in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Austria, with plans to expand the service to other countries in the future.

Minecraft survival houses are increasingly popular, with Minecraft fans using the theme to decorate their homes.

Minecraft and Minecraft survival homes have become popular in recent years.

Mojome says it has more than 1.3 million Minecraft survival and Minecraft themed homes on the app store, with thousands of Minecraft themed players playing in the rooms and the splash house.

“It is clear that Minecraft fans and Minecraft fans with Minecraft themed houses are passionate about the theme and the community of people who create these houses,” Mojome added.

Minecraft players have also been experimenting with the theme in their real life.

Minecraft enthusiasts are often known to decorating their houses in Minecraft themed colours and themes, such as pink, red and blue.

Minecraft Survival is a series of free Minecraft survival games, which can be played on a Minecraft server or hosted by a Minecraft user.

The series has seen Minecraft players decorate rooms, set up camp in Minecraft caves, build castles, build buildings and fight other Minecraft players.

MinecraftSurvival.com is the official Minecraft Survival website, with links to thousands of games, and Mojang hopes to grow the series and add more Minecraft themed games.

Mojangers website says it is “dedicated to providing Minecraft players with a unique way to play and experience the game.”

Mojang also recently announced plans to offer a Minecraft related game called “Minecraft: Survival” for the iPhone and iPad.

The Minecraft survival game will be released on the iPhone on July 21 and the iPad on July 28.

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