Modern houses were popular in the 1930, but they weren’t the only fashion choice at the time.

Here’s a look at some of the more notable house styles that emerged in the decade.


The Modern House With the exception of a few designs from the Victorian era, the majority of house styles of the period are influenced by the style of the 20th century.

The main inspiration is the European style of modernism, which is characterized by clean lines, clean furniture and a focus on simplicity.

Most modern house designs, such as the two-tone Tudor or Georgian style, are based on the classic English design of the 1920s, which also included a wide variety of decorative details, such a large window and a central fireplace.

The British design studio, House of Mural, was the first house to develop this style of house design in the UK in the early 1930s.

Their Victorian house, the St. George’s House, is one of the most popular modern houses.

The St. Georges was built in 1931 and was one of only three Victorian houses in London to be given a new coat of paint.

This new paint was inspired by the work of the French artist Claude Monet, who painted a series of canvases of his famous Monet’s Mona Lisa on canvas in the 1920’s.

The new paint also has a silver and gold coating, and the house has an elaborate stone fireplace, a central staircase and a number of ornate, Victorian-style windows.

A number of contemporary houses also take inspiration from this style.

A modern house from London’s Greenwich neighbourhood, the Cottage House, features an elegant white facade and a massive central fireplace, which was inspired from a style of architecture that was prevalent in the 19th century, particularly the Romanesque style.

The Cottage is also the first Victorian house to receive an extensive coat of varnish, which it received in 1935.

It was one the first houses in Britain to be painted with a new finish, a process called “treaty colouring”.

In the 1920´s, the London Royal Opera House was one one of several historic buildings that received a new paint job, and this inspired a number more modern homes, including the Georgian and Georgian Revival houses in Westminster.


Modern House Design and History The Victorian era began in the 1850s, and a new style of design was being introduced.

In 1859, the Royal College of Surgeons in London published an article entitled “Modern Design and Its History”.

In it, the author outlines the rise of the Victorian house as a fashionable fashion, and its history.

The author argues that the new house design was designed for a changing society, and was influenced by developments in modern science and technology.

These changes led to a resurgence in interest in traditional styles of house decor, which began in 1878.

This led to the introduction of the modern style of House of Mirrors, in 1888.

The term “modern house” is sometimes used to describe an era when the use of the term “house” was limited to a few formal styles of decoration.

This is not the case in the Victorian period.

Most Victorian houses were not strictly formal.

Rather, the term was applied to a range of styles of decorative decoration, including mosaics, paintings, chandeliers and mirrors.

In the 1860s, a number houses in the London area received new coats of varnaices.

The first of these was the Cotswolds, which received its first coat of painting in 1881.

In 1900, the first of the British style of Victorian houses was introduced in the capital.

In 1931, the Westminster Parliament was completed with a number Georgian and Victorian-inspired houses, including two Georgian style houses.

These houses, in London’s fashionable Greenwich neighborhood, are still very popular today.


The Victorian House The Victorian house style is a style that originated in the 18th century and has been influenced by a variety of influences.

The most prominent of these is French design, which influenced the design of many modern houses throughout the 20,000 year history of the style.

In addition to the French influence, the style was also influenced by British influences such as fashion and furniture.

Modern houses are influenced more by the European and American styles of modernist architecture than they are by the styles of traditional French or English architecture.

This style was most popular in France and was first popularised in the 1880s by architect Jean Nouvel.

His designs are often seen in modern houses in Paris, and his design is often cited as the inspiration for many contemporary styles of design.

In recent years, British house designers have taken their influence from French house design, as the styles are both influenced by and influenced by French architecture.

The House of Fools in the United States was inspired in part by French designer Pierre Duhamel, and inspired by his design for a Victorian-era house, which became known as the Dufferin House.

The Dufferins was one very

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