It’s a sight that’s sure to give any family a new appreciation for the wonders of nature, but the creature you may have seen lurking in a lake near your house might not be a gator or an alligators.

The animal, which has been dubbed “fantastic” by National Geographic, was actually a turtle.

The footage, filmed by photographer John Linder and posted online, shows a turtle that looked more like a gopher than a reptile.

Linder, who has a Ph.

D. in animal biology from Yale University, said he wanted to capture the unusual creatures in their natural habitat.

“This turtle was just sitting there in the middle of the water, and I was just wondering if it was actually an alligator or a crocodile,” Linder said.

“The turtle’s body was like a normal reptile and the eyes were the same size as crocodiles.”

Linder’s footage, which he shared on his Instagram account with the caption “my new favorite turtle,” shows the turtle perched atop a submerged rock, looking like a snake.

It was not immediately clear whether the turtle was actually alligator or crocodile, or if it’s simply a turtle and it was just standing on top of a rock.

It’s unclear what species the turtle belongs to, but Linder believes it’s a “turtle-like reptile” that lives in the Amazon River.

Lister’s work, titled “Amazingly Tiny Turtles,” is part of a new series titled “Living Things,” which explores how life on Earth is changing thanks to climate change.

It is the first series to include images of the creatures in a natural environment.

The first series, titled Living Things, was published last year.

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