A new look for a brand new look?

Well, that’s what brand new house is all about, as the New York City-based designer, illustrator, and illustrator of the Yummy House series, is releasing a new house.

The New York Times says that it’s the “most luxurious home in the world,” and will be located in the exclusive community of Chelsea.

According to a press release, it will be the most luxurious home ever made by a woman, and will feature a “sophisticated kitchen, living room, dining room, and living room-like living room,” as well as an entire living room.

A new “conceptual design team” is currently working on the project, and the new home will likely be on the market this year.

Yummy is known for its “design-free lifestyle” concept, which is essentially a home-design concept that has the house in mind first.

“Yummy House” was created by the New Yorker and his wife, Yara Siegel, and is an urban exploration series that aims to explore “the hidden corners of urban life” by looking for hidden spaces that are “trendy, innovative, and exciting.”

According to the press release from Yummy, the new Yummy house will be “the ultimate destination for any urban explorer looking to experience the city’s beauty and wonder.”

It’s a concept that is also part of a larger series called “Design-Free Urban Adventures,” which aims to create “a series of experiences that capture and relive the city and its people as they have never been seen before.”

For more on Yummy’s “design freedom,” check out this story from Mashable.

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