With all the chatter over the potential cost of a Trump presidency, it’s easy to forget how many of us actually work with and live in houses.

For many, that’s one of the things that makes them so appealing.

But a new report from the housing advocacy group Housing First claims that this new approach might be working for many of our homes.

The idea is simple: Cleaning and maintenance of the interior is part of a house’s value and, as the report notes, can be expensive.

In the first year, the average cost of cleaning and maintenance in homes with a two-person family was $1,000.

This year, that figure jumped to $3,500.

But as the number of people living in a house increases, so does the amount of maintenance.

This means that for every person in the house, it costs $1 to clean, $1 for maintenance, and $3 for a second cleaning, the report says.

“For most families, the first cleaning costs $5 and is free, and the second cleaning costs around $3 and is $2 a month,” the report’s authors wrote.

“For a household of three, this is not enough to pay for all the cleaning that goes on every day.”

The report also notes that many homes do not have a dedicated person to help with house cleaning, and that this means cleaning and upkeep can be a labor-intensive process.

As the report points out, there are some things that can be done in less time, such as using a vacuuming robot to clean the house.

But for many, it can be the difference between staying home and being able to afford the monthly bills.

“Cleaning is expensive and maintenance is expensive,” one woman told the authors.

“It’s a lot of work, and it’s also a lot less fun.”

As for those who can’t afford to pay, some of the most common reasons for staying home are because they work or live in high-cost areas and are struggling to make ends meet.

A woman who works at a retail store, who asked that her name not be used because of her financial situation, said she would have no choice but to leave if she could not afford a home cleaning or a second maintenance.

“You could live at home for an entire year and still not make it,” she said.

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