What you need to know about the world’s most famous houses.1.

The Fish HouseThe Fish House is the first house of the modern era, and is perhaps the most iconic of the three house styles.

It is the only house of this style in the United States.2.

The House on the WaterThis is the oldest of the two modern house styles: the House on Water and the House of the Sea.3.

The Wooden HouseThe wooden house is the traditional home for the wealthy, the powerful, and the powerful in England and France.

It has become the most popular home in Europe.4.

The Stone HouseThe stone house is a modern house design, based on a house in Egypt that was built in about 500 BCE.5.

The Georgian HouseThe Georgian house is an American style of the Georgian house design.

It’s based on the stone house from Ancient Egypt.6.

The Gothic HouseThe Gothic house is similar to the Stone House, but the Gothic house houses have a smaller, smaller roof.

The stone house also has a larger, larger roof.7.

The Tudor HouseThe Tudor house was designed by Henry VIII in England in the 15th century.

It was the first modern house to be built in England.8.

The Neolithic HouseThe Neolithic house is based on Ancient Egyptian architecture.

It began in the 4th millennium BC.9.

The Roman HouseThe Roman house is modeled after a Roman villa.

It predates the Renaissance by thousands of years.10.

The Byzantine HouseThe Byzantine house was built during the Byzantine period, which is a period of the Roman Empire from the 12th century to the 1520s.11.

The Iron HouseThe Iron House is a British style of modern, contemporary modern design.

It is a style that is popular among the rich and powerful in Britain.12.

The English HouseThe English house is one of the oldest houses in the world, dating back to the 16th century BC.

It also predates modernism by thousands, if not hundreds, of years, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.13.

The American HouseThe American House is an architectural style that originated in the mid-19th century, when American architecture first began to take shape.14.

The Dutch HouseThe Dutch House is one example of a style of architecture from the Netherlands.

It came about because of the Dutch King’s desire to avoid a Dutch style of living in order to preserve the purity of Dutch architecture.15.

The Spanish HouseThe Spanish House is based loosely on the style of Spanish architecture, which dates back to 16th-century Spain.16.

The French HouseThe French House is designed by a French architect.

It became popular in France during the 19th century and was considered one of France’s most successful homes.17.

The German HouseThe German House is also a design from Germany, but was created in the 19-century.

It originated in Berlin, Germany.18.

The Italian HouseThe Italian House is considered to be one of Europe’s most iconic houses.

It dates back about 400 years to the 13th century AD.19.

The British HouseThe British House is built on a foundation of 16th Century British architecture, with a wooden floor, and an open-plan kitchen.

It took shape in London in the late 19th Century.20.

The Greek HouseThe Greek House was inspired by Greek architecture in the Greek city of Mycenae.

It evolved from the Greek House of Alexandria.21.

The Romanesque HouseThe Romanesquese House was the architectural inspiration for the Gothic House, which was inspired in the Romanesques hometown of Nice.22.

The Modern HouseThe Modern House is now the world famous modern house style.

It consists of a large open-floorplan living room, a dining room, and a dining and dining room.

It includes a balcony.23.

The Wood HouseThe Wood House is often associated with the British House of Commons, which consists of four members who sit on the floor.

It had three floors in 1769, when the House was built.24.

The Contemporary HouseThe Contemporary House is created by modern architects that include the architects of the likes of Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Chanel.

It uses a large, open-air kitchen, and has a modern-looking layout.25.

The Traditional HouseThe Traditional House was designed in the 1920s by the Spanish architect Francisco Zola.

It featured a small living room and dining area, a fireplace, and several smaller rooms.26.

The Classical HouseThe Classical House is characterized by a central central room, the central staircase, and two levels of living and dining areas.

The house also featured a large window.27.

The Romantic HouseThe Romantic House is inspired by the Renaissance, but it was designed with a different style of design.28.

The Neo-Georgian HouseThe Neo-Gothic House is modeled on the Classical

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