The pool house built for the elderly of the Riverside Country Club in Texas is the home of the Bouncing House.

The house sits on a hilltop overlooking the pool, which is a popular swimming spot for people visiting the nearby town of Garland.

The pool is not only a popular spot for poolers, but it is also popular for family gatherings.

It has an indoor waterpark and tennis court.

The house is owned by Linda S. Johnson, who died in 2015.

The home was built in the mid-1920s by Johnson, a woman who lived in Riverside, Texas, and had several children by her late husband, George.

It was a pool house for Johnson’s two daughters, but they later moved to a larger house and the family moved to an old ranch house in the town of Tarrant.

“She wanted it to be a home, a place of safety, but the boys said, ‘We don’t want to go into that house.’

So she built this house and that house became the house,” said Linda S Johnson’s daughter, Mary Ann.

“It was not her house.

It wasn’t hers.”

The house was originally constructed in 1882 as a farmhouse, but was sold to the family of another widow in 1924.

In 1930, the house was sold by the Johnson family to a woman named Alice T. Clements, who was able to sell it.

“She sold it for $1,000, but then she died and the house just sat empty,” said Mary Ann Johnson.

The Johnsons’ children lived in the house, and Linda S’ granddaughter Mary Ann had a daughter who lived there, but she had died before the house could be sold.

“The kids would come over and play on the porch and the kids would take pictures of the house with their phones and it was like a family home,” Mary Ann said.

“They had so many things, so many pictures and things.

So many photos of it.

And she had so much stuff that she couldn’t even take pictures.”

The family sold the house in 1984 and the home has sat empty ever since.

Now, a small portion of the home is being used for a park.

It’s called The Bouncing Pool.

“This house was not only an old farmhouse.

It also was a home for our grandchildren,” said James R. Pang, a member of the Johnson Family Trust.

“We are so thankful that she took care of this property and she didn’t take it for a big family vacation.

It just didn’t belong to her.”

The pool house is the largest pool house in Riverside County, and it’s part of the family farm that has hosted events in the past, including a trip to Yellowstone National Park, where the family went in 2014.

“We’ve been at the park for a while now,” said Pang.

“And she would bring us back to the house and have these amazing parties there, and we’d have a great time.”

The Johnson family said they have no plans to open the house to the public.

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