In a move that many might describe as ‘trendy’, a Japanese luxury home has just been revealed as the world ‘s most beautiful house’.

The 4,400 square metre, two-bedroom house, which is located in the exclusive Chiba prefecture, is situated on a hillside in a residential area.

This house features an 18-metre high rooftop terrace and is equipped with an infinity pool, a swimming pool, spa and an outdoor terrace.

The house is also equipped with a gym, cinema, spa, wine cellar and a bar.

In addition to its stunning exterior, the property boasts an extensive garden which also features a spa and a large swimming pool.

The two-story home was designed by the renowned architect Masahiro Kawamura and was built in 2012 by the Chiba Architecture Institute.

The Chiba architecture institute is a Japanese architecture school and has produced some of the worlds most well-known buildings including the Tokyo Hilton, the Chabutani Mansion, the Japantown Tokyo Hotel and the Chobuk Hotel. 

The house features two main levels which feature terraces with separate terraces for each story.

On the top level, the house features a terrace with an 18 metre high roof, a terracotta mosaic floor and a curved glass wall.

On each level, there are two stories.

The third story has a terraced swimming pool and a roof terrace as well as a pool terrace for guests to enjoy the views of the nearby mountains.

The top floor also has a roof garden for guests. 

On the bottom floor, the terrace is surrounded by a large terrace garden and two bedrooms.

The fourth story houses a small pool terraced for guests and a private dining area.

The fifth and sixth stories house an infinity swimming pool on the fifth floor. 

 According to the architects, the 4,000 square metre house was built as a showcase for the institute.

The property features a large outdoor terracot, terracots, a large pool terracotte, terrace pool and infinity pool. 

According a local resident, the estate has been built with the aim of becoming the most beautiful property in the area. 

The house was designed in the late 70s and the roof has a large glass and aluminium panel which was added in 2007, with the house being constructed by a private company, who were commissioned by the institute to construct it. 

At the moment, the home is being developed by a consortium of local developers who have also hired the architect. 

Photos: Kazuaki Fujimura (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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