It was 1978, the year the first film to be nominated for an Oscar was released, and actor/producer Billy Bob Thornton had just signed a deal to star in a movie that would soon be adapted for a live-action TV series.

The production was set to be a blockbuster, with an estimated budget of $75 million.

Thornton was set up as a part of the production’s first batch of crew, including the actor and his producer wife.

But on May 8, 1978, Thornton’s life fell apart.

The couple’s rental house, a three-story Tuscan Revival villa in the exclusive West Hollywood enclave of Tudor House, was found to have been infested with a parasite.

The owners, who were in their mid-30s, were taken to the hospital and the couple was treated for several weeks.

By then, Thornton had already signed on to direct and write the adaptation of a book by the late Stephen King, which was to be published in the late 1980s.

The producers had already hired a crew of actors and was preparing for a huge production that would include a cast of hundreds of people, many of whom were expected to be paid as little as $1.00 an hour.

The actor, who was a regular at the Tudors house, was an unknown quantity to his neighbors.

Thornton, who had been living in California for most of the previous two decades, was a recluse.

He was quiet and rarely spoke to anyone outside his family, which he called his “old man.”

His life was on the brink.

He had become an outcast in Hollywood, and he didn’t know anyone who knew him.

His mother had died from breast cancer two years before, and his sister had recently moved out of the family home.

His father had died of heart disease in 1985.

When his mother and sister came to visit, Thornton said, they “were not exactly welcomed.”

But he didn´t know how to help.

He didn´te have a lawyer or an attorney-at-law to help him.

In the summer of 1980, Thornton and his wife were living in the home with their two young children, ages 7 and 3.

The two were planning a family picnic, but Thornton wasn´t comfortable with his role as the main character in the TV series, which would be filmed in Hollywood.

On June 18, 1980, a group of friends and relatives were visiting Tudoran House to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the estate.

When they returned, the house was empty.

They were greeted by Thornton, dressed in an elaborate red cape and black leather jacket, and asked to leave.

Thornton told his mother that he wanted to make sure he stayed, but her advice was to “put a ring on the bell.”

The house had been abandoned since 1979, when the property was purchased by Paramount Pictures.

The company sold the property in 1993, and Tudorr House has been abandoned ever since.

Thornton and two other members of the crew were in the house that day, but their whereabouts were unknown.

One of the actors, an actor-producer known as The Boss, said he didn`t want to speak about what had happened.

The other actors who were there, a writer and an actor, had no idea what had transpired in the TUDOR house.

The actors who did know, were stunned by what they had witnessed.

“It was a completely terrifying situation,” said the writer and actor, whom The Boss spoke on the condition that he not be identified.

“I saw people on the floor, the ceiling, and I didn`T know what was going on.

It was a scene out of a movie.”

In the meantime, Thornton was living a quiet life in a home in Hollywood that he could never afford.

In early 1980, he and his production company had secured a loan from Paramount to buy an apartment at the nearby Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital for $2,000 a month.

The project was an experiment to test the boundaries of Hollywood`s new, high-end housing market.

The financing was secured through an investment from the Hollywood Film Capital Corporation, which is now part of Universal Pictures.

In addition to a home, Thornton also was renting an apartment in the Beverly Hills area.

He and his producers had planned to make the film, which they called The Most Dangerous Place on Earth, for the summer.

But the day of the filming, the crew was asked to vacate the house, and Thornton was ordered to take his wife and children out of town.

Thornton said that when he and the production company arrived at the house the first thing they saw was an empty bedroom.

Thornton went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and a vacuum cleaner, and cut open the bedroom door.

“The door was locked,” he recalled.

“Then I saw my wife and my kids and they were in bed.

It looked like they had been dead for weeks. I

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