The President of the United States is dead after a gunfight with police at the home of his wife and son.

It is a grim scene.

The president’s body is being carried from the White, the White house is covered in blood.

But the violence of the WhiteHouse shooting, as it unfolds in real time, is nothing compared to the bloodshed that could have been avoided.

Here’s a timeline of events.

1:42pm: A police officer opens fire at the family’s home in the Whitehouse, killing President Donald Trump.

The officers are later shot dead by their own colleagues.

Around this time, the President’s wife, Melania, and son Barron are being taken into protective custody.

Around 1:52pm: Around 50 shots are fired at the President and his family.

Around 6:00pm: The White House is engulfed in flames and the house is engulfed by a massive smoke plume.

Around 9:00 pm: The President is pronounced dead.

Around 11:30pm: Trump is escorted to a nearby helicopter by police.

Around 12:20am: A witness tells NBC News: “I heard about five shots.

I think they were in the house.

I heard a man yelling something to the officers.

He said, ‘Help, help’.” This witness saw police officers fire multiple shots at the house before the shooting.

Around 13:00am: The New York Times reports that at least 10 shots were fired.

This witness claims they fired five to six shots, but the New York Daily News reports that this witness also claims that there were “10 to 12 rounds fired”.

At this time a police car is seen being driven away from the scene.

Around 15:20: The Times reports there was no gunfire after the President was shot.

The police car has since been towed away.

The Whitehouse is later covered in police tape and a large police cordon is erected around the property.

The Trump family is reportedly staying at a nearby hotel.

Around 20:00: Around 30 shots are heard from the area of the shooting, but no further details are given.

This eyewitness tells NBC news: “There was a lot of yelling, and then I heard one gunshot.”

Around 20 minutes after the incident, Trump’s body arrives at the hospital.

Around 22:00 (GMT): The WhiteHouse fire service, which was previously on scene, reports that the President is dead.

In an interview with NBC, a White House official says that a “police officer shot” Trump.

A police official says he shot the President in the back.

This official is reportedly in his 40s.

According to the, this official is “unidentified” and does not appear to be connected to the shooting of Trump.

Around 23:30: The Associated Press (AP) reports that Trump was taken to the hospital, but that he died in the hospital in a helicopter.

The AP also says that “multiple police officers are wounded” at the scene and that there is a “large cordon around the White residence”.

Around 25:00(GMT): Around 30 minutes after President Trump is shot, the media are still on scene and there is still a massive cordon.

This is an area covered in smoke and water, with a massive police presence.

Around 25 minutes after that, there is an initial report of gunshots, but this is later debunked.

The official reports that President Trump was shot by police and that police are “rescuing” the President.

Around 28:30(GMT) The New Jersey State Police reports that a police officer shot and killed a “high-risk” suspect who had been shot multiple times in the neck.

The officer “fought back” and shot the suspect multiple times.

Around 30:30 the AP reports that there was a second shooting at the residence, this time outside the residence.

Around 33:00 there is another shooting outside the WhiteSpeaker House, this one at the Trump residence.

The New Yorker reports that police officers shot a man, who was in the driveway of the residence and then ran away.

Around 36:00 this is reported to be a shooting outside of the house, where the victim was reportedly wounded.

Around 40:00, the New Yorker also reports that shots are said to have been fired from a “person of interest” in the investigation into the shooting death of the suspect.

Around 44:00 a man is seen outside the Trump mansion, reportedly injured by a bullet to the head.

Around 45:00 the New Jersey Governor’s Office says the suspect is in a hospital and in a stable condition.

Around 48:00 shots are reported to have hit the building, which is covered with a huge cordon and is covered by a large yellow police tape.

Around 49:00 and around 50:00 more shots are believed to have fallen.

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