You don’t need a frame house to make a frame.

But if you have one, here are 10 simple tricks to help keep your family safe from a house frame.1.

Know where to put itAll the best family-friendly homes have a foundation that is at least 18 feet (5 meters) high.

This is the height of a family’s house, and the best way to keep a frame home from falling.2.

Set the frame on fireIf your house has a frame, you want to make sure it’s on fire.

If the house is on fire, your family will be at risk.

Set it on fire to scare off intruders.3.

Put a bucket of water in your house to keep the house dryThe easiest way to prevent a frame from falling is to have a bucket with water at the bottom.

This helps keep the foundation dry.4.

Set up a safety fenceWhen a frame is on the ground, put up a metal fence to keep intruders from getting inside.

Put up a steel gate to separate the house from the neighbors’ property.5.

Set your neighbors’ yard on fireThe best way for your neighbors to keep your frame home safe is to set up a fire in their yard, which is about a quarter of a mile away from your house.

If your neighbor does this, you’ll need to keep him or her inside.6.

Put on a curtainWhen your family is at home, you may want to use a curtain to keep them out.

Put the curtain up in your kitchen to keep out intruders and other people.7.

Set a fire alarmIf your family’s home is on a fire, you might want to turn off the main electrical service, which will shut off the entire house.

The fire department can help you set up this fire.8.

Set an alarm if you see someone leaving your houseSomeone leaving your home might be able to hear your children or grandchildren in the kitchen or living room.

Set alarms on your phone to alert the police.9.

Protect your childrenIf you have children in your home, keep them at home and away from intruders if possible.

Set security alarms and lock the doors to your house when the children are not home.10.

Set fire alarms if someone comes in or tries to enterYour kids may need to stay home from school, and your house might need to be evacuated.

If someone comes into your home and tries to break in, you can set fire alarms and make sure your house is evacuated.

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