When Joel Osteen opened his Haunted House of Charity in Kansas City in 1999, he did so as a non-profit.

In that moment, he was the first American minister to do so, and he quickly established a cult following.

The Haunted House has been a regular fixture on the Kansas City skyline ever since.

Today, the facility is one of the biggest in the world, with more than 3,000 people at the peak of its popularity in late 2017.

Here are some of our favorite tips for making a haunted house, and how to avoid getting lost.

DIY What you need: A sturdy wooden foundation.

A large box to hold your supplies.

A flashlight.

How to do it: First, you’ll need to purchase the foundation.

To start, you need to go to Home Depot.

Then, you can use a small piece of plywood to support the structure.

After that, you just need to cut out the shapes of the box, and cut a piece of wood for the base.

Now, use a sharp object to create a template.

You can use your nails or sandpaper, but we like to use our fingernail files, which you can find at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Make sure the foundation is solid and sturdy enough to withstand the abuse.

Next, use the box to build your base.

It can be built on any type of material, such as concrete, wood, or wood decking.

Then attach your flashlight to a wooden stake and attach it to the box.

This is where you attach your lanterns.

It’s a great way to get a lot of light onto a place, and you can attach them to the end of the wooden box.

You’ll need a sturdy wooden base to build the structure on.

Here’s how to do this: Take the first step.

Make a plan of your space.

You want to get to the front door, but it needs to be on the opposite side of the building, so the box has to be directly above the front entrance.

Start by lining up the boxes sides.

Next is lining up where the two boxes will meet each other.

Make two parallel lines.

Now you need two more lines for the bottom and the top of the structure, as shown in the picture above.

Place the bottom of the top box on top of a third box, which will be a roof.

Next put a roof over the top boxes roof.

Now add a roof in the middle of the bottom boxes roof, so that it covers the sides of the second box.

Then place a roof on top, and finish the roof by lining the roof up with the bottom box.

That will give you a complete roof, but you’ll also have to place a piece on top to keep the structure from falling down.

You may need to use a piece from the second or third box to keep it from toppling over.

You don’t want to have to use the roof to support it.

Now it’s time to attach your lights to the roof.

Place a piece in the center of the roof and attach the other end to the lantern.

Use a wood glue to secure the end to a nail, and then attach the light to the nail.

You now have a roof, complete with the front and back doors.

Make the rest of the house in your living room.

Next up is the dining room, which needs a different look, and a bit of extra work.

First, place the top portion of the foundation box, on top the bottom shelf.

Now use the nails on the end that is connected to the foundation to attach the second and third box.

Now put the roof on the back of the first box.

Make three more lines to line up the walls and ceiling.

Now attach your candles to the ceiling.

This can be a little tricky, but remember that your roof will be in front of your dining room and the kitchen will be on top.

Now that the entire building is built, you’re ready to go.

We used this photo of the finished dining room to show you how to make the back porch, which is on the right.

Next step: Making the roof You’ll also need a wood plank to build a roof around your home.

To do this, start by using the wood plank you just cut out.

This will allow you to have the wood framing around the house, instead of it hanging off of the back.

To create the roof, first line up all the wood pieces you need.

Now cut out one corner of the plank and attach one of those pieces to the other side of it.

That corner can then be attached to the back, so you have a three-piece roof.

To finish the look, you should attach one end of each wood piece to the edge of the front of the wood deck, and the other to the side of that edge.

It should look like this: Now attach the back deck to the building.

It shouldn’t have any wood on it

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