A cat house in the mountains of the Appalachian foothills in Tennessee has captured the imagination of a new breed of outdoors cat lovers.

The outdoor cat home, named the The American cat house after a local cat lover, has a lot going for it.

Its a quiet place for cats to relax and meet people.

And its a place where you can go for a walk, for a bite, for the family picnics, or just sit in a cozy corner with the cat.

The house has a couple of different designs.

One has a spacious backyard, the other has a smaller backyard.

It’s designed with cats as the center of attention.

And there’s a couple cats inside the home, and they’ll happily run around.

The house has also got some outdoor space for the cat to play with other cats and other animals.

It’s a pretty unique design.

Cats don’t typically go into a cat house for a short period of time, and that’s probably why it’s such a popular option.

Cat owners will love having their pets at home.

And since they’re not actually inside the house, there’s less of a chance that they’ll get run over by cars.

It does have a little bit of a reputation for being very loud, and you’ll probably be in a little group.

But cats are quite social and they love to interact with people.

The owners are not the only ones who like the design.

The cat-loving crowd has also gotten into the act with a Facebook page dedicated to the house.

People have taken to it, posting pictures of their cats and asking for advice on how to make the cat house more comfortable.

And many people have come forward to say that they have had problems with their cats getting in the way of their walks, especially when they’re running in circles.

It took a while for the American cat owner to get to know her cats.

She started with a cat who’d only been there for about a week.

It took a little while for her to learn to talk to the cat and even to be able to feed her.

But eventually, she got her first cat, a cat that she says was very friendly and loving.

“I started to think she was my daughter and I couldn’t do this without her,” she told the Tennesseean.

She and her husband, a retired firefighter, were trying to sell the house when the cat arrived, and the seller offered to buy it for her.

And so she bought it.

She says she didn’t want to buy the house for herself, and she didn´t want her cat to be too scared.

The owner says she is now more than happy to share her cat with the rest of the community, because it will be a great place to have a nice, quiet home for her cats, her dog, and her dog´s cats.

The American cat House has been open for about two years.

The owners, who live in Hendersonville, Tennessee, have been looking to raise funds to purchase a second house and move to a more secluded location, and now they’ve got a place that they want to keep for themselves and their cats.

This is the owner’s second American cat, after a cat named Rosie who was adopted by the owner.

The other was a cat called C.O.B. who the owners named because she was a good friend to Rosie.

The cats are currently being cared for by the local animal shelter.

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