On Wednesday, the state’s biggest real estate developer, King’s Fish House, filed a federal lawsuit against the Washington State Department of Ecology to block the state from issuing permits for the construction of the small house plans.

The lawsuit argues that the state was not required to issue permits for such a development, which was approved in 2017 but not until 2020.

“The State is in violation of the Endangered Species Act by failing to issue a permit to King’s fishhouse development,” the lawsuit says.

The suit also says that the agency “failed to act promptly” when it received a letter from the developer.

The plan would have featured three rooms with a deck on one side of the house, a large dining room with a large pool on the other, and a full kitchen and bathrooms on the third side of one of the rooms.

The small house would have been built near the state capitol.

It would have also included a small, private beach on the shore of Lake Washington.

The fishhouse proposal was approved by the state Legislature in March, but it was delayed for three years after it was ruled unconstitutional.

At the time, the Department of Interior and Ecology (DOI) said that the fishhouse project was “in violation of federal law,” because it “is not required under the Endangerments Act to provide for adequate facilities.”

It also said that King’s was “not responsible” for the “disruption and loss of public enjoyment” caused by the project.

“A fishhouse would have resulted in substantial environmental damage and potential public safety risks that could not have been mitigated,” DOI wrote.

The Fish House would have had a maximum capacity of five people, according to the lawsuit.

King’s is suing to block a planned development by the developer of the King’s House, the Lake House, at the end of the Snake River in Seattle.

The lake house proposal is one of several plans being reviewed by the Interior Department.

DOI recently issued a preliminary environmental impact report for the project, which is designed to be built at a lower elevation than the Fish House.

DOI also said it was reviewing other potential developments along the Snake and Lake rivers, including the King House and the proposed King’s River project.

The Seattle City Council recently approved the $2.2 million purchase of the land for the Fishhouse project, the largest purchase in state history.

King is seeking a preliminary injunction against the FishHouse proposal, which could ultimately force the state to approve the Fish Houses.

King said it has filed an emergency injunction seeking to block any construction of any new small house in the state.

The state has not yet ruled on the injunction.

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