In November, the state of New York passed a bill that would require traps to be installed in residential and commercial buildings.

The bill is now before the New York Supreme Court.

A lawyer representing the homeowners association argued that installing the traps would increase noise and traffic, and increase the risk of fire and property damage.

It also said the state would be spending millions on construction and the traps themselves would cost more than $150,000.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the traps will only be installed if there is “serious public health and safety concerns” about them.

“This bill was drafted with public safety in mind,” Schneiderman wrote in a statement on Monday.

The bill also would require the state to develop a plan for how to deal with any complaints about the traps. “

The bill is a reasonable response to these concerns and we are confident it will ultimately be upheld by the court.”

The bill also would require the state to develop a plan for how to deal with any complaints about the traps.

“While I believe the bill is overreaching and a waste of public resources, I am confident that the courts will ultimately resolve this issue,” the attorney general said.

The attorney general did not say whether the traps are being installed to comply with the law.

In March, a New York City judge ruled that a trap was not an appropriate solution for the building of a home in the city’s Prospect Park neighborhood.

The court cited the need to protect the neighborhood from the smell of rotting garbage, and because the trap was in the path of the garbage, it could be considered an illegal dumping ground.

The judge also noted that the trash would also be in the way of other public spaces.

“I am convinced that if a trap is set and a home is built, it will be an unsafe place for the residents to live and it will not be good for the environment,” Judge John F. Zablocki wrote.

“A trap can cause significant environmental damage by increasing noise, vibration, and the potential for fire, which in turn, would result in increased property damage and increase property values.”

The New York Daily News reported that the judge also ruled that the city could not use the traps for recreational purposes.

In a statement, the attorney for the homeowners, Brian C. Stapleton, said the bill “violates a basic principle of our democracy” that people should be able to make their own decisions about what to do with their personal property.

“In New York State, people who want to build a home or live in it are required to comply.

If a property owner does not want to comply, they can call the police or seek the assistance of the courts,” he said.

“We are pleased to see that the New Yorkers who are upset by this bill will be able, through the courts, to challenge the legislation.”

Stapton also said that the law was passed with a view to making it harder for people to build homes.

“Instead of the New Yorker having to get permits to build, they get a summons to appear in court to answer the charge,” he told the Daily News.

The New Yorkers attorney also noted in his statement that he will be appealing the ruling.

“With the Supreme Court now issuing a ruling, we will seek to have the trap laws overturned on the basis that they violate the First Amendment,” he wrote.

Stalpin said the owners are still waiting for the judge’s ruling, which could take weeks or months.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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