Joel Osteen’s house in Philadelphia is just a container house, but it’s not just about the decor.

It’s a $929,000 house.

It’s one of a new breed of luxury homes that are becoming increasingly popular in the country, and one that is attracting more and more attention from investors and real estate professionals.

While the bulk of the money spent on luxury properties in America is going to the wealthy, the value of these homes is soaring.

In the first six months of 2017, for instance, the average home sold in the U.S. was worth $1,869,500, according to Zillow.

The median value for a home is $547,500.

And that’s with a few exceptions.

In most of the states with a shortage of affordable housing, such as New York, California and Massachusetts, the prices of the homes that sell are higher than the average price of a comparable home.

In New York City, for example, the median price for a two-bedroom home sold for $1 million in February.

In Boston, the price of one-bedroom homes sold in January for $8.5 million.

In San Francisco, where the median income for a household was $65,945 in February, the cost of a two bedroom was $1 Million.

In Los Angeles, where average incomes are around $55,000, a one-bed was $2.9 Million.

The majority of these luxury properties are located in coastal areas and often in more desirable areas.

But they’re also located in suburban neighborhoods, where residents have access to private transit and affordable housing.

In some cases, they also include restaurants and bars.

For example, in Washington, D.C., the median household income for an upper-income family in 2017 was $83,742.

In a recent article for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Joel Osten shared some of his favorite things about the house.

He even posted a photo of the house and captioned it with “Pantry House, Philadelphia.”

In the home’s kitchen, Osteen has installed a mini-bar called “Kirk’s.”

He has a separate dining room that can hold up to eight people.

And he has two bathrooms in the home.

The bathrooms are separated by glass walls and a curtain.

The house has an impressive amount of space for people to gather around, but there’s also plenty of room to entertain.

The kitchen has a bar that can accommodate up to a dozen people.

In addition to the dining room, there’s a bar, a fireplace, and a large, open-plan kitchen with an open plan countertop.

A glass wall connects the dining and living areas.

There are two separate living areas in the living area, a full kitchen and an open-space dining area.

In fact, the kitchen is just one of the amenities in the house, as Joel Oden’s wife, Joelle, described her husband’s home as a “small, beautiful place to spend time.”

The Osteens bought the house in October of 2017.

They sold it for $979,000 in July of this year.

They are now expecting a second child, and are considering a remodel of the home in the near future.

Osteen and his wife have already had some success selling their property.

They recently sold a large house in Florida for $3.3 million.

It is also in the process of being sold for a significant amount of money.

Joel Osteen is the founder of Joel Oseens Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, which serves children and their families.

Joel Oteens was a philanthropist and philanthropist in his lifetime.

He served as chairman and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and he was an advisor to Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

He has also served as the CEO of Temple Beth El and was an investor in the Temple Sinai Hospital, which has seen success in treating children with serious illnesses.

He is a philanthropic leader in the area of education, with the Oseins giving over $2 million to the New York public school system.

He is a longtime philanthropist who was elected to the United States Congress in 2010.

He serves on the boards of several philanthropic foundations, including the National Council for Jewish Women and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

He has served as chair of the President’s Jewish Leadership Council and has also chaired the board of directors of the American Jewish Committee.

He also serves as the president of the New Jersey Jewish Federation.

Joelle Osteensen has lived in Philadelphia since she was 13 years old.

She has a bachelor’s degree in education from Penn State and a master’s degree from Penn and a doctorate in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

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