In the year of our Lord, a new kind of house has arrived in Melbourne: one made from trees.

It’s called the Tree House.

The idea was conceived by a group of tree-lover friends in Australia who wanted to give back to the community and have a unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

In the middle of a tree-lined boulevard in Melbourne’s CBD, the group began brainstorming about what they would call the Treehouse.

They called it Tree House in honour of its origin.

“We thought, we want to do something that’s kind of like the traditional house, the tree house, but with trees,” says group member Laura.

Laura, who is married with three children, says they started thinking about tree house ideas for the TreeHouse in February and March last year.

“The idea was to get a bunch of friends together, make a plan, get ideas and then put it into action,” she says.

“And the plan was to have them build a tree house in a park, then have them make a tree garden out of it, and then bring them to the treehouse and have them take a tree out of the tree garden and then have the tree in the tree.”

The tree house would be a one-bedroom, one-bathroom structure with a fireplace, and it would have a solar-powered heating system.

It would be open to anyone who wanted in, so long as they could show their Tree House as proof of residency and were not planning on renting it out.

It wasn’t just tree house enthusiasts who were enthusiastic about the idea.

“It’s been so popular in Melbourne and the whole country that we’re really excited to have it as part of our Christmas tree collection,” Laura says.

“We’re also looking to have a treehouse for next year and a tree in our house.”

The TreeHouse is a one bedroom, one bathroom treehouse with a solar heating system and a solar cooker.

(Photo: Laura Pinder/Facebook)While the group has a limited number of members, Laura hopes the Treehouses will be a big success in the city.

“If we do it well, we could possibly see it spread to other cities around the world,” she adds.

Laura says it’s been hard for the group to find a home for their TreeHouse, so they are asking people to get in touch.

“Just make a donation to the TreeHouses,” Laura advises.

“Donate through the contact form on our website.”

The group is asking for donations of $10 for each treehouse treehouse.

Laura and her husband and children plan to use the money for Christmas trees and Christmas gifts.

“My kids are really excited, but we’re not sure what to do,” Laura explains.

“There are Christmas tree projects going on around the city, but not much treehouse stuff happening.”

The idea of a Christmas tree house has been around since the Victorian era, but the Treehomes is the first one that can be rented out in Melbourne.

“In Victoria, the Christmas tree season lasts for about a month, and there’s a lot of people getting up in the morning and getting dressed and going to work,” Laura adds.

“So we thought, why not just have a place to just relax, get together with friends, get food and drink, and have some good time?”

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