Getaway house with its huge and colorful pies is back, and it’s packed with holiday surprises.

With a home-cooked Christmas dinner, a Christmas gift bag filled with Christmas gifts and the ever-present Santa Claus in tow, this family-friendly festive spot has become a Christmas tradition.

The home’s original owners, Joe and Mary Pecoraro, have been selling pies and puddings since the 1930s, and they are still doing it for the holiday season.

Mary, 79, said the house has been on the market since last year.

She’s seen the popularity of the home’s Christmas decorations rise, but that was only when the Pecorsaro’s son, Robert, came to the market in 2014 and saw the family’s pies.

Mary and her husband, John, were looking to take over the home when Robert, a retired police officer, took a job with the police department, Mary said.

He was a great cook, and the pies were always a hit.

But, he said, it was his passion to see the house get decorated.

He came home one day and he said to me, ‘I’ve got this house of pies.

It’s not a very big house, but I think it could be a pretty good home for Christmas,’ Mary said, laughing.

The Pecoras, who are in their 70s, started selling the pies when they were still working, but the idea of selling the home to a family-owned business started to come up.

So, the Pecaurs put together a marketing plan to put together the home, and started selling it to prospective buyers.

They got about 400 bids for the house.

The most successful bid was from a company that owns a home in Columbus, Ohio, which has a history of selling its historic properties.

It wanted to buy the home in the hopes of putting it on the National Register of Historic Places.

The company wanted to make sure that they had enough cash to buy back the home and renovate the building.

The buyer, who didn’t want to be identified, agreed to a sale.

But then the Percos learned that they would be moving in on the property and would have to renovate and build a new home, according to a news release from the Ohio Department of Historic Preservation.

The sale came to a sudden halt after the PECORAROS sold the property to a new buyer in March 2018.

They said the buyer, a company called The Pecora Family Properties, wanted to demolish the building to make way for a new development, and wanted to do that with the house, the news release said.

The family wanted to keep the house open and stay in business.

They hired a builder to do the demolition, which they are now working to complete, the release said, adding that they will begin moving the property into a new building soon.

The new owner, which we don’t know yet, is moving in in December 2019.

They have plans to remodel the house and reopen it as a holiday destination.

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