What if you could recreate the Peppa pig in your backyard?

That’s what one of the world’s most popular animated characters from Nickelodeon’s Peppa-Pig House would be like in the real world.

In the episode, which was filmed in New Zealand, the Peppas take the stage at a carnival to perform the “Peppa Pighouse” dance.

The show is based on the cartoon Peppa Pippin and the Pippas are a cartoon character.

They have appeared in every episode since Peppa made her debut in 1992.

Peppa and her friends have had more than 500 different Peppa versions, from the iconic Peppa to the more quirky, but more fitting, Peppa & Pippa.

The house that the Pepps build has been in the works for years, and this week, the team behind the project revealed its final plans.

The Peppans were first introduced in 1987 as the first family of Peppa in the animated series.

They are now the biggest family in the cartoon universe, with the Peppers owning two of the most successful brands in the world.

Peppers favourite pastime is eating their neighbours houses peeps and building them to look like their own.

“The Peppars are the best at building stuff,” co-creator of Peppara, Robyn Lepp says.

“I always think it’s really important that we keep it authentic.

I’ve always loved the Peppy house and I think we have a fantastic team behind us.

We are excited to see what the future holds.”

To create a Peppa house, the Pips had to create their own customised furniture, and build the whole thing in a couple of months.

The team has a lot of work ahead of them.

The new Peppa will be able to perform at a “Peppak” carnival and be the inspiration for many Peppa characters.

They’ll be able wear their house out on the dance floor, and make the house their own with all the original decorations and materials.

The Pips will also have the opportunity to create new Peppan characters and characters from other series like How to Train Your Dragon and The Mighty Ducks.

“Our aim is to create something new, something different and something that’s really fun,” Robyn says.

They also want to bring their show to the world in the spirit of the Pequenos famous dance.

“We want to get Peppa back to where it’s been, but we want to make sure it’s all about the fun.”

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