By now, you’re probably familiar with the stories of the “beechy” beech and the “pearly” beehive, both of which are in the process of being cut down in Australia.

And you may be wondering why those two types of trees are being grown in the first place.

The answer is simple.

Trees like these are the result of a process called “determinant species succession”, which essentially means that the trees grow in the same place for generations.

That means that they’re more resistant to disease and more likely to survive the ravages of climate change.

But trees like this aren’t all that different from trees like a cherry or a rose.

They are simply different in the way they have survived, which is what makes them attractive.

This is how the beech is different It’s the result, says Andrew Leitch, a botanist at the University of Melbourne, that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of the Environment and Heritage (DAH) are trying to help explain why this is.

“It’s a natural history thing,” Leitch told ABC News.

“We’ve known for years that the best tree species to grow in Australia is a type of tree that’s already in existence.”

It turns out that in Australia, there are a number of different types of beech trees.

And in order to help identify them, the researchers first had to figure out what types of tree species they actually were.

To figure that out, the team used a tool called the tree phylogeny.

The tree phylogenys show the relationship between trees, or branches, on the tree and how they came to be.

If you think about the tree as a tree with branches, the first thing that’s obvious is that the beehives that we know about are the ones that are branches.

And the beige trees are not.

So they’re not the only beehived trees that are trees.

The next thing that jumps to mind is that beehivers are called “tree-benths” and these are actually the most common types of living tree.

And so these are probably the ones the scientists looked at.

And they were able to identify the different types, Leitch said.

The process of determining which species was suitable to grow was similar to how trees in Australia grow.

It was just a matter of finding the best ones, he said.

“When we did this, we did find a couple of very interesting species, and they’re quite unusual,” he said, “and they’re really, really interesting species.”

And it turns out the beeches and the peaches are quite different in their resilience to climate change, Leish said.

These trees are more resilient to drought, for example, which makes them more susceptible to drought.

And because they’re less water-rich than beech, they’re also more vulnerable to the impacts of climate-change-induced changes in rainfall patterns, he added.

It turns up some interesting things in the trees that you might expect.

But, for the most part, it seems to be a very simple process, Leif says.

“In some places, the trees will have a higher degree of mortality and die out very quickly, whereas elsewhere the trees have a lower mortality and do well,” he explained.

“This is because there’s a certain kind of drought that takes place where there’s less water in the atmosphere.”

And the more water you have in the air, the more vulnerable you’re going to be to drought-related changes.

The study is published in the journal Global Change Biology.

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