In the past few weeks, €1 billion has been raised for Section 8 housing in Italy, a new house, a sports ground, and an office.

These funds are being used to support the development of the area around the stadium, including the construction of a football pitch.

However, as it stands, Section 8 Housing has not received its €300 million payment.

The funding was supposed to come from the sale of land to developers in order to construct Section 8 homes.

However, the developers were never allowed to sell land to Section 8 families.

This led to some Section 8s being evicted and their families relocated to the suburbs of Rome.

This week, the government is due to approve the sale.

In a statement, the Minister for Housing, Francesco Cossiga, said that the government “would like to assure the public that all Section 8 properties have been delivered to the State and that the money will be spent for the redevelopment of the Section 8 area, not for Section 7”.

However, in order for the money to be spent, Section 7 properties would need to be redeveloped.

This means that the developers who are responsible for the Section 7 housing have not received their €300million.

The problem with this is that Section 8 is still considered a low priority area, and the construction works for the new stadium are far behind schedule.

In the meantime, the section 8s continue to live in tents and shacks.

According to the Italian Federation of Housing Associations, there are already approximately 200,000 Section 8 houses in the country.

In Italy, Section 16 is considered one of the most disadvantaged groups.

According, the number of Section 8 households is expected to reach over 600,000 by 2020.

If the government approves the sale, Section 12 will be one of those affected.

There are currently about 100,000 people in Section 12 in Italy.

The Ministry of Housing is expected soon to publish a report to address the housing problems facing Section 12 families.

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