The Waffle Houses of America are getting in on the local-food craze.

The chain is offering up its own version of local food, a Waffle Hut Delivery service.

The Waffles Hut Delivery will deliver a portion of their menu to your door, and will serve a full meal for just $9.99.

The company claims they will deliver up to 40 different items to customers every day.

“Our goal is to provide delicious, tasty food to you in a timely fashion,” the Waffle Huts website says.

“We have partnered with restaurants, restaurants partners and our own restaurants to provide a wide range of unique Waffle items that our customers love and will be looking for.

We’ve created a way for you to discover more local products and food.”

The Wifters Hut Delivery is only available in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Indiana State, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

According to the Wifers Hut Delivery website, the Waffles will be delivered within three hours of ordering, and then picked up the next day.

The delivery service will arrive at your home at no charge, but is not limited to Waffle Shack restaurants, but may include other locations, too.

The service has been available for several months now, and is expected to begin in Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia this year.

The Chicago Waffle Company has previously offered similar delivery services in Chicago.

But it appears this is the first time that is offering delivery in a city where local food is not a priority.

[Image by The Hill]

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