How to Fix a ‘Roxie’ Rotten House You’re Not Sure You Like What to Get rid of!

(And You’ll Never Be Able to Get a Re-Install!)

You’ll want to do the following to rid your home of a ‘rotten’ or ‘punk’ look:You’ll need a couple of things: a large, square-shaped paint can (or paint brush)That’s it.

The process is simple: Paint the house.

Then let it sit in a dry spot for about a week.

You can even leave it in a sunny spot for a week if you want to, but it’s best to leave it for a day or two.

Then it’s time to remove the paint.

You’ll have to remove some of the paint chips and crevices to get rid of some of that nasty, tacky mess.

You want to use a paint brush, so that the paint can dry completely, then paint it back again.

Then you’ll want a large paint can, like a small, heavy-duty paint can.

This can hold up to a full can of paint, so be sure to get the right size paint can if you need to spray a lot of paint at once.

Then the next step is to spray some primer onto the roof of the house (if you have one).

This primer should cover the cracks, crevasses, and other imperfections on the roof.

The roof of your house should be level, so you don’t need to worry about peeling paint or chips, but don’t let the roof paint dry completely.

Next, spray a thin layer of primer onto your house and let it dry completely!

Then you’re ready to move on to removing the roof coat.

It’s easy: Take a paintbrush, put some paint on it, and let the paint dry.

You don’t want to spray too much of it, since it will cause the paint chip to stick to the paintbrush and make it unusable.

Then, you want some primer on top of the primer.

Use some of it to apply a thin coat of primer to the roof, and then let it soak for a while.

After it’s soaked, you’ll see a little white dot of primer.

Apply it to the cracks and crevasse on the house, then let the primer dry completely again.

After you’ve finished spraying, you should have some white paint on the top of your home.

Next, you need a little primer on the underside of the roof (where the paint is).

Then you want a coat of the remaining paint, along with a little bit of primer on that area.

Let the paint cure for a few minutes, then apply the primer to both the front and back of the home.

Then repeat on the sides, and the roof itself.

Let it dry for a couple hours, then spray a second coat on the back of your roof.

Now it’s ready to paint again.

You may have to paint it a little thicker, since the paint will be hard to remove, so use a little more paint on each coat.

Next comes the last step: you want the whole house to look like this:The paint should look a little gray, since there’s a lot left over.

So you want that gray to stay in the house!

This will help the house look a bit more like a house.

You will want to paint a coat or two of white paint around the edges of the houses, like this.

This will make it easier to remove chips and chips.

Then you want something to stick in the cracks in your house: the paint, and a couple coats of primer for the edges.

And that’s it!

This is a very easy step, and it’s the only step that requires you to have a paint can!

It’s also the only one that will take longer than it takes to paint, since you need two to three coats of paint.

It will take a couple days to do, but if you have a few days to spare, you can take it one day at a time.

The final step is the paint drying.

You’re ready for the final step: the primer on your roof!

The primer on this roof will help it stay put for the whole paint drying process, and will keep the house looking like it did before the paint was applied.

It’ll look like a regular house, but with a lot more color, and you’ll notice a lot less paint chips!

After it has dried completely, paint will have a very soft patina, and most likely, will not stick to anything.

If you don�t like the way your house looks, you may want to leave this paint on for a little while.

This is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to remove paint chips.

You just spray a few drops on the paint to help it dry, then you just

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