The average price of a house in the UK is now about £220,000, according to the latest figures.

The median house price in the country is now £180,000.

It’s worth the same in London, where the median price is £180.6 million.

Here’s the breakdown of how many homes are now worth £220m or more.


Westminster House: £220.6m The Westminster House is the oldest house in London.

Built in 1874, the house has been a favourite haunt of Westminster’s aristocrats for many years.

The current owners have renovated the property and restored its original splendour.


King’s Cross House: $226.4m King’s Crossing House is one of the most iconic landmarks in the capital.

Built on the site of the former King’s Street station, it was named after King Edward VII who built the city as a military outpost in the 18th century.


St Andrew’s Palace: $224.9m St Andrews Palace is the Palace of Westminster.

Built around 1774, it became the capital’s main residence during the reign of King George V. 4.

Windsor Castle: $238.6-300m Windsor Castle is the home of Prince Philip.

It has been in use since the 14th century and houses the Palace’s official residence, the Earl’s Palace.


Buckingham Palace: £216.6million The Buckingham Palace was built in 1815.

It is now a major landmark in London’s skyline.

It includes the Royal Palaces of Scotland, the Palace and Buckingham Palace.


The Shard: £210.8m The Shard is the tallest building in London and one of London’s most prestigious landmarks.

Built by British architect Edward Hopper, it is currently the tallest in the world.


The White House:$206.6M The White Stables is the largest private residence in London with 7,000 square metres of space.

It was built by the United States in 1794.


St Pancras Square: $206.4 million St Pancres Square is the iconic site for London’s Christmas markets.

It houses the city’s largest annual parade.


Tate Modern Art Museum: £207.6 – $220.4million The Tate Modern is a major British art museum and has been an institution of London for more than 120 years.

It contains some of the largest and most valuable artworks of the twentieth century.


London Bridge: £205.5million London Bridge is one the world’s most iconic sights and is the London Bridge of the City.

The bridge is one-of-a-kind, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built to commemorate the life of Queen Victoria.

It opened in 1937.

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