With just days to go until the first round of home cleaning, the Australian race is just one of a number of races to be held in Melbourne.

The race has been named after a real-life character, and the events are being staged as part of the 2020 Melbourne Olympics.

Miller’s Ale House cleaning: The race will start on the weekend of March 5 and run until April 11.

Race organisers said it was “the best chance to enjoy a fantastic Australian weekend”.

“Miller is the iconic Australian bar and restaurant, and a place where we celebrate the joys of a life free of worries and disappointments,” said race organisers, Dandenong Racing.

“In 2020, the race will take place on the beautiful, iconic site of the Miller’s Alford Bar and Grill, and we will celebrate the magic of the Australian weekend with a home cleaning competition in which we will be running a variety of tasks.”

The first task is to clean the bar.

It is to be run by one of the organisers of the race.

Once the bar is cleaned, participants are expected to complete a variety to the bar including cleaning the bar, wiping the bar and cleaning the wall, as well as taking pictures with the bar in the process.

A total of five participants will be allowed to participate, with the organisers guaranteeing at least three of the participants will have to do the work, according to the organisers.

Dandenongs Racing said participants would be given the choice of “a clean house” or a bar where the work is to “live” and where “no-one will disturb you”.

It said it would not have any other “purchasing power” at the event.

With the organisers saying it would “allow us to spend more time with family and friends”, the race is the only event of its kind in Australia.

However, the organisers have been asked by organisers to ask the Australian public to not have their photos taken in the bar during the race and instead “watch the action unfold on a big screen”.

They have also asked participants not to have their phones on their lap while they work.

Those that want to participate in the race should take a photograph of the bar or its wall, or the “living room” or “living area”, in the event they need to be at the bar to be filmed.

If there are any concerns, it is advised participants not use phones during the event, the event is to continue until April 10.

On April 11, the winner of the event will be crowned, while the winner will be presented with the grand prize, the Maserati Esteem Collector, and will also receive a gift from the organisers, according the organisers’ website.

More to come.

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