Barbie House, the new TV series from the creators of Girls, is about the power of friendship.

But the series has also been a way of reflecting on the world around us, as well as our own, as the creators explore the lives of a group of teenage girls.

The first episode begins with a scene that looks and sounds like a young girl playing with her dolls.

As she does so, a woman wearing a red dress and matching shoes walks by and asks if Barbie is in the mood for some tea.

The girl says no.

“It’s about friendship,” says the producer of the series, Shari Green.

“What’s so beautiful about friendship is that you’re always talking about how you want to be loved and that you love your friends, and you can never be in the same room as someone.

That’s so magical.”

The idea for the show originated with the creative team of the British TV show Girls.

It is a show about friendship, and one of the girls, Olivia (Caroline Jones), has a crush on the boy who is a celebrity on the show.

He is played by the actor Sam Elliott.

The story of Olivia’s crush on Elliott is based on her mother, a writer who wrote the book Girls: The Stories Behind Their Lives.

“We were looking at the show and thought, ‘What about these characters, what are their lives?’ and we said, ‘We know what they’re going through, what their problems are, and what their issues are.

We know what’s happening in their lives and we know how they’re trying to navigate that,’ and we wanted to make sure we didn’t forget to look at the problems in their own lives.

That was what really appealed to us,” says Green.

So, the team set to create a show that reflects what it means to be a young person.

“The problem with girls in the 21st century, if they don’t know how to be friends, they’re not really trying,” says actress Ellie Thorn.

“When I was growing up I would think, ‘Oh, there’s so many girls, what can they do?'” she continues.

“And I would be wrong.

It’s like there’s just one thing they can do and that’s have a crush.

They’re not trying to grow up.

There’s a lot of girls that are doing this, but it’s just not something that girls can do.”

The show focuses on a group in a suburb of London, a place where the people are mostly men.

It has a young cast that includes a 14-year-old boy who plays a football player, a young man who plays guitar and an older woman who is an actress.

It also features a girl who is the owner of a bar that has a girl running the bar.

“I don’t think it’s the most important thing,” says Thorn.

“It’s a show.

It says something about friendship.

It tells us something about love.

It reminds us that sometimes you can be alone and that sometimes the best thing that can happen to you is to be with a friend.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.

We’re all just human beings.

It was important to us to make it feel like the show that I grew up watching was a show where people were trying to be kind to each other and to each others.

I think that’s the beauty of the show.”

The series, which was created by the BBC and has been picked up for a UK broadcast, is part of a series called ‘Love, Sex and Friends’ that also focuses on the relationships of teenagers in a small Scottish town.

It’s part of the BBC’s new series, ‘Love and Sex and Games’ about relationships and sex and games that explores what it’s like to be teenage.

“People say it’s about relationships,” says presenter Sue Baker.

“But it’s really more about friendship and love and trust and caring and caring about one another,” she says.

“You’ve got to think of the audience as a collective, and so we have all these girls in this small Scottish community, but they’re all doing their own thing and their own things and their way.”

One of the things we love about the show is that it’s a celebration of friendship and it’s also a celebration and a celebration about love and sex, so it’s all about the relationships.

“The producers of the new show have also decided that the show needs a theme song.”

So we decided to go with a song that would represent that. “

The music is one of those things that is going to be different to the music that you’ve heard in the past, it’s not just going to sound the same, it will be a different kind of thing, and it will take us back to our roots as music makers.”

So we decided to go with a song that would represent that.

And the first song that we thought

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