The housing crisis has driven the country’s housing market into a tailspin.

But where can you afford to live?

Affordable housing is available to all people and is often free or at a discount to people in the same socio-economic position.

The housing market is volatile, however.

While there are a few exceptions to this, such as in New York and Chicago, affordable housing generally costs more to buy than to rent.

It’s also more expensive to build than to renovate.

This makes it easier to buy and sell a home, which in turn creates more demand for more homes.

Affordability is especially important in places like San Francisco, where a housing crisis, combined with a rapidly aging population, has created an oversupply of affordable housing.

More than a quarter of all Americans are living in an unaffordable housing market, according to a report by the Urban Institute.

In a survey by the Center for American Progress, which was released last year, almost half of households surveyed said they had difficulty paying rent or mortgage interest.

Many of those households have lower incomes and can’t afford to pay the mortgage, so they may be unable to afford to buy a home.

According to the Center, almost one in five households in the U.S. are living below the poverty line.

Some cities have been able to help some residents afford to stay in their homes.

In San Francisco alone, the average rent is $1,300, according the San Francisco Chronicle.

There are also some communities that have taken steps to help the city’s affordable housing stock.

In 2015, the city passed a law allowing people who live in certain neighborhoods to apply for tax-exempt housing vouchers, which provide low-income families with subsidies.

And a new law in Austin allows low- and moderate-income residents to apply to receive an affordable home loan, which can be used to purchase a home if they’re not able to afford it.

These policies are a great way to help residents get back on their feet.

But if you are not able or willing to buy, or if you’re already in an expensive market, there are ways to help you afford a place to live.

To learn more about how to get a place, check out the following: What are the costs of housing in San Francisco?

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